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Our Vision

St. Patrick and Holy Family will become an invitational community of Disciple-making Disciples who have Jesus at the center of everything we believe, say, and do.

Welcome to our Family of Parishes

Dear Friends,

God spoke to his people through the prophet, Isaiah. God speaks to us through our chief shepherd, Bishop Fabbro. God is doing something NEW through the creation of the Lucan Northwest London Catholic Family of Parishes. It springs into being in real time, Monday, July 4, 2022. Despite the naysayers of the world, God works independently to create something new for his own kind purposes. What are the kind purposes of the Lord for our new ‘Family’? As from all of time, God has a plan for renewal, for lifting his people up, for bowing down to kiss our cheeks as a kind and gentle and merciful father. And he does all of this through his son, Jesus, and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

I beg the Lord’s blessing on every person who lives within the boundaries of our two parishes, that Jesus may touch and invite all to a life-giving relationship with the one God, and with one another. This is an invitation for all of us to wake up (not woke) to the dynamic work of God in our midst to create a community fit for the kingdom of God. For this vision to become active and alive, each person must engage in its support according to the gifts that God has given to each one. Jesus, bless us. Jesus, forgive us. Jesus draw us together in your love! Come, Holy Spirit!

Fr. Bob Remark, Pastor, Lucan Northwest London Catholic Family of Parishes

Family of Parishes – A brief overview

The Lucan Northwest London Catholic Family of Parishes includes St. Patrick Parish in Lucan and Holy Family Parish in London. Our official activation began on July 4, 2022. The work to become a Family of Parishes started in January 2022.

So what exactly is a Family of Parishes? All the parishes in the Diocese of London began a journey back in 2016 to find new ways to welcome and form disciples of Jesus and empower our lay people to take leadership roles in our churches.

Being a missionary church means reacting to the times and finding new ways to share the Good News of Jesus with family, friends, and the communities of Lucan and Northwest London as well as though who come to us online. WE are CALLED to be Missionary Disciples.

Together we will share our ideas, gifts, resources, staff, and planning. Together we will work as a Family to be more focused on building disciples and be welcoming all. Together we pray for each other, our local community and the for boldness to be a disciple making disciples community who have Jesus at the centre of everything we believe, say and do.

St. Patrick

St Patrick Parish has been the heart of Catholic family and parish life in Lucan and area from before Canada became a country and Ontario was a province. For the past 180 years it has been the new spiritual home for immigrants hoping for a better life.

Irish immigrants, fleeing the Great Famine settled in the 1840’s many along the Roman road that the church is situated on.

In 1850 a log church was built, and the cemetery was consecrated. Father Peter Francis Crinnon became the first resident pastor in 1854. The current brick church, built in the Gothic architecture of that era, was completed in 1872. St. Patrick’s remains one of the few parish centres in Ontario which still retains all its original buildings: church, school, and rectory.

Almost a century later, in the 1950’s, St Patrick Parish became the home for many families coming from post war torn Europe, from the Netherlands in particular. Drawn together by their Catholic faith, the Irish and Dutch, along with many other nationalities, strengthened the parish in numbers and spirit over the next 70 years.

In 2022, St Patrick continues to be the heart of family and parish life for the local community. Lucan Biddulph is one of the fastest-growing areas in the province and the Parish is striving to continue the tradition of offering a new spiritual home and welcoming all newcomers. With the activation of our Family of Parishes with St. Patrick and Holy Family, we are strengthened and have great hope that St. Patrick Parish will continue to grow and serve our Lord.

Holy Family Parish

Holy Family Roman Catholic Church was created July 9, 2006, by Bishop Ronald Fabbro, embracing the former clustered parishes of St. Joseph and St. Pius X. Both have deep roots and rich histories in the Diocese of London. Holy Family has become the vibrant spiritual home for more than 4500 families and individuals, making it one of the largest parishes in the Diocese of London.

Every week, we are welcoming new parishioners who have come to London from other parts of Canada and from countries such as Nigeria, Brazil, Columbia, India, Pakistan, to name only a few. Holy Family Parish offers an abundance of opportunities for anyone seeking to enrich their life’s journey, with acts of service to others, in a welcoming community. Our activation as Lucan Northwest London Family of Parishes with St. Patrick in Lucan is one more part of our journey as a Roman Catholic Christian Community in London and area.

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