Lent 2021


Resources for you to have a great Season of Lent

What is Lent?

Fasting, prayer and almsgiving, as preached by Jesus (cf. Mt 6:1-18), enable and express our conversion. The path of poverty and self-denial (fasting), concern and loving care for the poor (almsgiving), and childlike dialogue with the Father (prayer) make it possible for us to live lives of sincere faith, living hope and effective charity.

Pope Francis

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Formed Living Lent as a Family
4-Part Series

Have you ever wanted to live more liturgically but not known how? We want to help all families by providing these discussions on liturgical living during Lent to be a resource for the Domestic Church—the home. We pray that these discussions bless you and your family.
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The Ascension Lent Companion
Year B

God wants to give us more. This daily prayer resource will help you discover what it is that God is offering you this Lent. Each day, you’ll get: a word, a scripture passage, a short meditation, a journal prompt, a prayer, and a piece of original artwork for each week.
These will guide you to rediscover a lived personal relationship with God as you journey through Lent. 
Together with the powerful weekly videos found on ascensionpress.com, The Ascension Lenten Companion: Year B combines Scripture, contemplative meditations, sacred art, and inspirational prayer exercises to create a unique retreat experience that will take you deeper into your relationship with Jesus and will help you experience Lent in a way you never have before.

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Word On Fire

Inspiring articles about the season of Lent from the Word on Fire team.

The Real Life Catholic
The Search

In 7 visually stunning episodes, participants find the answers to life’s big questions when we wrestle with them in faith. In fact, the story of human history has largely been a story of faith. We need a relationship with our maker—a relationship with life—to make sense of all of this.
Where am I going? Who am I journeying with along the way?

Discover your answers in The Search.
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