Lectio Divina

Learning How to Pray: Lectio Divina

What is Lectio Divina?

Lectio Divina means divine reading. It is a way to connect with God as we read the scriptures and discover in them what He wants for us to learn and how He wants for us to apply His word to our lives.

1. Reading (lectio)-Listen to God’s Word in the Bible as it is read out loud.

  • What does the biblical passage say?
  • Do I understand it’s meaning?

2. Meditation (meditatio)-Reflect on the meaning of the Word I have just heard/read.

  • What is God saying to me through this Scripture reading?
  • Is there a particular message God has for me or is there a lesson or truth that I need to understand so I can grow more in my faith?

3. Prayer (oratio)-Speak to God in prayer.

Remember that prayer encompasses adoration (praise to God), thanksgiving (giving gratitude to God), contrition (having sorrow for my sins and asking God for forgiveness), and petition (asking for help for others and/or for myself). Use one or more of these forms of prayer.

  • What do I want or need to say to God in response to what I have read?
  • What do I want or need to say to God in response to His message to me through this Scripture reading?

4. Contemplation (contemplatio)-Listen to God in the silence of my heart.

  • How does this Scripture passage affect my relationship with God?
  • How do I feel about my relationship with God in light of this Scripture passage?

5. Action (actio)-Allow the encounter to affect my daily life and work.

Due to what I have read and what I have understood from God in reading and meditating on the Scripture passage, how will I amend my life in response?

We have created this easy Lectio Divina Reflections if you would like to jot some reflections while you pray or for later reflection. Feel free to print a copy.