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Catholic Women’s League

Women make the world beautiful; they protect it and keep it alive. 
They bring the grace of renewal, the embrace of inclusion, and the courage to give of oneself.”

Pope Francis in meeting members of American Jewish Committee

League Prayer

We humbly pray You,
O God our Father, to bless
The Catholic Women’s League of Canada.
Bless our beloved country,
our homes and families.
Send Your Holy Spirit upon us
to give light to our minds
and strength to our wills
that we may know and fulfil
Your great law of charity.
Teach us to share with others
at home and abroad,
the good things You have given us.
This we ask through our Lord Jesus Christ
and the intercession of our patroness,
Our Lady of Good Counsel.

The Catholic Women’s League of Canada was organized nationally on June 17, 1920 and granted federal incorporation on December 12, 1923.

The League is officially recognized by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) as a lay association of women and is affiliated with the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations (WUCWO), a world-wide federation holding membership in the conference of International Catholic Organizations (ICO) and having consultative status with agencies of the United Nations.


Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month after the 7:00 pm Mass. For more information email

Funeral Lunches – The Catholic Women’s League of St. Patrick Parish are now able to offer once again luncheons after Funeral Liturgies in our parish. Lunches of 60 people or less can be held in the Parish Hall; and also the League members are willing to serve elsewhere (like the Lucan Community Centre) for larger groups.

Upcoming CWL events

Wednesday, November 23 9:30 am Letter writing to seniors and shut ins

December 7 Christmas Potluck starting with Mass at 11 am

We are celebrating our 100th year as a CWL in this parish

CWL Membership is due $40

CWL is looking for new and existing members to renew their memberships. The CWL is a national organization with influence in government.  Through our resolutions,  Child Sexual Exploitation, Autism Supports, and Bike helmets are a few of the issues that have been presented and passed in parliament. $40 gives you a voice in matters that are important to you. 

Please fill out our 2023 Registration form online or pick up a paper copy in the Narthex

CWL St. Patrick Lucan Membership

CWL St. Patrick Lucan Membership

Registration for CWL St. Patrick Membership 2023

Due before December 15, 2022

St. Patrick Lucan
We will only use your phone number to contact you if we cannot reach you by email.
I am interested in (check all that apply)
Membership Payment $40 Please make cheque out to St. Patrick Lucan CWL
I would like to be added to the CWL email list to receive any updates via email.