Alpha – Small Group-based | Fall Series

We are equipping our leaders to run Alpha in small groups for their family and friends.

This strategy is helping create new and multiplying small groups, and making disciples who make disciples – this is what we do at Holy Family

We are excited for you to join us this fall to Share Life, Faith, Hope, and Jesus

Register to participate in our Alpha Fall Season as a Guest (to attend an Alpha)

Register to participate in our Alpha Fall Season as a Host, Helper, or if you want to invite guests to Alpha

We will train all those wanting to host a small group Alpha (including running the technology, facilitating small group discussions, etc).

Alpha Film Series with Discussion Breaks

Featuring the same loved content, but with added discussion breaks in between, this new feature is an extremely valuable resource for small group leaders.

The interspersed discussion breaks make it easier for small group leaders to facilitate conversation when the ideas presented are fresh in everyone’s mind.

Impactful Invitation

Thank you for wanting to learn how to invite people into a conversation about life and faith. By reading this, it shows that you have a desire to help others feel included and accepted.

If you want to invite a friend, family member or neighbour to church, small group or Alpha, whether online or in person, you may wonder how do I get them to actually connect?

Download this guide to learn how to make an impactful invitation.