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We are a vibrant, faith-filled Roman Catholic Community of two Parishes – St. Patrick in Lucan and Holy Family in London.

Fr. Bob reflects on how we are “Making Room” in our lives for Jesus and finding a place in our hearts and lives for love for Jesus and others.

Sunday Connection Homily

Every Monday, we’ll be sharing the Homily our priests and deacon share at Sunday Mass on YouTube. If you want to go back and reflect on a homily you missed, or if you want a friend to hear a great message, you can share this with them.

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Family Connection Bulletin

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I’ M NEW – Welcome Home!

We are saving a seat for you! If you would like more information or to join our vibrant community of “disciple – making disciples that has Jesus at the center of everything we believe, say and do! Click here…..

Holy Grounds Café

In becoming an invitational community, the Holy Grounds Café would like to host a coffee reception once a month after the weekend Masses. In order to do this, we need to create teams to help us.

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The Beacon Monthly Magazine

Children’s Church

Check in each week for new materials.

The Outpost – Men’s Ministry Gathering

Join us for The Outpost, the new Men’s Ministry initiative to be encouraged and be part of a fellowship of Catholic men.

Advent Resources

We have chosen some excellent resources to share with you to help you prepare for this Advent season.

Diocese of London Updates

Stay up to date on all the latest updates and information from the Diocese of London. Journey through Advent with Auxiliary Bishop Dabrowski…

Christmas Mass Times

For information on Advent Reconciliation times and the Mass times for Christmas.

Get Involved

We want to walk with you, wherever you’re at!

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